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Self-publishing Blog Post Share

I am sharing an informative blog post re: self-publishing. It is a nice overall review.

Please note: I have not read the associated book that is being promoted and I in no way am suggesting that you purchase it. I simply was contacted by the blog owner who let me know he found my blog useful in updating his own blog (and sales pitch page-my addition of words.)

Enjoy the read, then have a read through my blog. I’m not the most prolific blogger as I am quite busy. Have a look on and choose a good read!



NEW Book Release: Teacher’s Pets by Leroy Maclin


5″ x 8″ (12.7 x 20.32 cm)
Black & White on Cream paper
108 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1543078190
BISAC: Fiction / Occult & Supernatural
Witchita R Forreal could hold a grudge. That’s not such a good thing for a witch. Well, not a good thing for you, perhaps, if you get on her bad side.

And the boys in her class did just that, over and over again, year after year after year. Efrem was the latest in a long list of class clowns, bullies and other transgressors that felt Witchita’s wrath.

Now Efram was alone. He missed his house, his room, his Mom and actually being at school, if you can believe that.

But Witchita didn’t stop at just taking out her grudge on bad boys. She was influencing the whole town.

It would take a coven of witches to stop her.

This book is suitable from 8th Grade through Adult. It is a lighthearted look at witches with a bit of history at the beginning and contemporary context.
Visit to purchase your copy at Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble or consider purchasing a paperback copy directly from Createspace. Bulk orders can be negotiated by contacting

WoolysWagon ePublishing New Year eBook Giveaway

WoolysWagon ePublishing is having a New Year eBook giveaway! Winner(s) will receive their choice of one eBook from delivered via email. Go to for entry and Good Luck in 2017!  then click on the ‘Giveaway’ tab on the left.

NK Sondhi Receives International Recognition for “A Match Made in Heaven”

Nk Sondhi’s book, A Match Made in Heaven, written about relations between Korea and India has been recognized by the Embassy of Korea in Delhio. They arranged a special Book Release program and a copy has been presented to the Indian Ambassador posted in South Korea also who has appreciated the book.

The story is a fictional account based on a 2000 year old love story, a legend of how an Indian Princess became the Queen of Korea.

NK’s first book, A Cart Full of Husk, published by WoolysWagon ePublishing, is also about his homeland, providing a fictionalized version of first hand accounts of the personal toll of the Partition of India in 1947. His novel paints a graphic picture wrapped in the history of the country.

Interview with Octogenarian First Time Author – George Rolston



In this interview with octogenarian author, George Rolston, he shares his philosophy on writing and gives a bit of insight into who he is and how he became an author.

As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?

As a boy in war time Britain, school bored me. I was a poor student. I spent my time out in the fields and woods, shooting rabbits , for our food.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

My dad wrote histories of the local area where we lived. I enjoyed hearing his stories about local life.

Why did you want to be an author?

I longed to create something with my time. Just working as a lawyer did not satisfy me

Do you have any other writing experience?

All day long. My work involves writing long documents, and legal arguments. But it is all facts. It becomes mechanical, a formula, which I repeat over and over.

What inspired you to write your first book?

The Concorde SST and the crash of the Russian SST in Paris. It was a spy genre novel. The outline was accepted by MacMillans. But I never completed it.

Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

Easy. Just read the newspapers. Truth is stranger than fiction. Just pick your news item and turn it into fiction.

What was the hardest part of writing your book?

I scribble very fast. The hardest part is trying to read my scribble and dictating the text.

Do you have a specific process when you write?

Lie under a palm tree, in the Caribbean. Close off the left side of the brain. Let the creative right side take over. Then just scribble down  what comes out.

What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?

All day.

How long does it take you to write a book?

Writing it takes about 6 months. The hard part is knowing when to finish it.

Your published works include:

Numerous legal papers. Published in Canada, US and Britain. But no fiction.

Is there a specific anecdote about the process of writing any of them? Did you encounter a writing problem that required you to change your plans for the book or learn a new process

Just had to learn to write dialogue. Listen to other people talking. Copy the phrases. It takes practice. Don’t be afraid to try something different. It sounds more creative.

Was there a personal reason for writing any of them or a special connection you have to any of them?

Vacation time on the beach. Did not want to sit and just read. I bought some school exercise books and pens  and just wrote.

Give us three “Good to Know” facts about you. Be creative. Tell us about your first job, the inspiration for your writing, any fun details that would enliven your page.

My first job came to me after a random meeting in a sailboat, in France. My University Prof thought I was not up to it. Too intellectual, he said. My marks had been poor. I declined his advice and took the job.

What else do you want your readers to know? Consider here your likes and dislikes, your interests and hobbies, your favorite ways to unwind—whatever comes to mind.

Interests. As a boy; shooting. I became a champion shot in Britain. Won numerous cups. As an adult, skiing. I became a professional ski instructor, in my spare time.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Try my book. If you can do better, go ahead. It’s fun.

Do you have any suggestions to help me become a better writer? If so, what are they?

Read good authors, and read bad authors. Compare. Then try it yourself.

Do you have any other advice for fellow writers?

Don’t discuss your plots with anyone else, ever. They will always discourage you.

What obstacles did you encounter in being published? Please know this will be edited to be generic in nature, I won’t be naming names or publishing complaints as such.

I sampled twelve publishers. I was actually surprised when only one of them accepted my Concorde book. I have never contacted an agent.

What methods have you used to get your book noticed?

Write a synopsis. Send it to several publishers. Keep on trying.

How do you feel now that you are a published author?

It feels great. But why has it taken me so long.

What are your current projects?

A techno-thriller. The plot will be revealed in my book, not before.



Available from a major online book retailers.

NEW RELEASE The Ticket by George Rolston

TheTicket ebook Cover_Smaller.jpg

List Price: $13.99 Print/$5.99 eBook
6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on Cream paper
264 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1539910879
BISAC: Fiction / Crime
Life is difficult for illegal immigrants in the U.S.A. Such was the situation for Manuel Contreras, a clerk in a convenience store in the New York neighborhood of Flatbush.

He dreamed of winning the lottery, and he would study the winning numbers as he sat at the counter night after night. It distracted him from a fear that this would be the night when some thug would again rob the store, threatening or maybe even ending his life.

This night would be different for Manuel. He would see a chance to make his dreams come true.                                                             And he would take it.

Visit to purchase your copy at Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble or consider purchasing a paperback copy directly from Createspace. Bulk orders can be negotiated by contacting

Looking for Reviews?

I came across this website and though I would share it.  I have no quantifying remarks as I have not even read it, to be honest. But I do know finding reviewers is every author’s nemesis so any possibility of finding them is worth a look.

These are online reviewers so that means you can send them an ebook file that you have used for publishing instead of sending them a book from the selling site itself or a paperback. Then you don’t have any cost involved should they not actually provide a review. You also aren’t giving them credit on Amazon by gifting them an ebook, when then, as  we all know, anyone can use to buy any book they choose, not just yours. Amazon should fix that, in mu humble opinion. But then they want reviews from people buying books, that brings in $$$.

Again I am not recommending this site or any of the reviewers on it.  Just sharing it. As I have always said, authors are responsible for their own due diligence in vetting providers. Unless they pay someone else to do it for them.

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What is Book Distribution & How Is It Done?

Ahhhhh…Where do I start?

It is easy for those of you that have secured that illusive Big Traditional Publishing contract. Those publishers have decades old systems that release press releases to newspapers and trade mags, publicity departments that will (for the big name authors) send out copies to book stores on a sell and pay option with posters for the store windows. The store will get a box of the books without spending a penny until they are sold. They will distribute through the online retails sites as well.

So how does the rest of us get that distribution without those contacts and systems in place? (or the bankroll to fund it?)

Self publishers or small independent publishers have access to online publishing platforms. Some of the major ones are Createspace, Ingram (Lightening Source or Spark), Smashwords, iBooks,  Nook Press, Google Books, Kobo and Amazon.

Each of these has their advantages, depending on your skill level as an self publisher and what formats you want your book offered for purchasing. It also depends on how much you want to pay for the specific options they offer. Each will take a cut of your royalties. Some will distribute to some of the others for you. There are print edition and ebook edition options. Let’s get a bit more specific.

Print distributors: Createspace, Ingram, Nook Press. Nook has two divisions, and is specific to Barnes and Noble. They do not distribute to other retailers. Both Createspace and Ingram have distribution programs that make your print book AVAILABLE to bookstores, libraries, academic institutions, and online resellers. Your book MAY be included in a catalog that is sent to stores or buyers. At the least they should be available or purchase through bookstores or libraries in their respective online catalogs IF they get a customer request to purchase or find your book among the many millions available. Ingram platforms are more expensive to use than Createspace but they do offer some options that Createspace does not, including bookstore discounts and a return policy.

eBook distributors: Smashwords. Smashwords will place your book for sale in a variety of online ebook retail sites as part of their publishing platform. You choose which ones and if your ebook meets the requirements of each, it will be distributed to them. Createspace has an option to convert your print book to an ebook on Amazon. Ingram gives you ACCESS, note that word, to a host of online ebook retailers. Beware the special note if you have previously published to the Kindle store (Amazon) or Apple iBooks. Ingram wants exclusive ebook distribution rights. It doesn’t restrict you to a particular store like the Kindle Direct Publishing (kdp) option of enrolling in KDP Select which restricts publication of an ebook to ONLY Amazon. However, you cannot publish directly to KDP or iBooks when using Ingram’s ebook platform for publishing.

All distribution schemes come at a cost. Royalties. Each time your book passes through another set of hands or through a set of hands that gets a discount, your royalty decreases. For example: You publish your print book through the Createspace platform. If a reader buys it at Createspace, you receive the highest royalty. If a reader purchases your book through Amazon, you get a reduced royalty because Amazon takes a cut.  If it is purchased by someone on Barnes and Noble’s online store or it is purchased by a bookstore for a client, an online reseller who has their own affiliate store, linking to some online retailer’s sale page or it is purchased by a library or academic institution, your royalty will be even further decreased either by another person getting a cut of the royalties or a discount on the purchase price.

There are numerous marketing and distribution plans offered by author service businesses online. But if you read the details, they are the same outlets that are listed by the main distributors. It is unlikely in most cases that these author service businesses have direct access to putting books on the shelves in Barnes and Noble. It is unlikely they have direct access to any of the distribution outlets. It is much more likely that they are using one of the major publishing platforms and simply listing the distribution outlets provided by that specific platform.

Another thing to note is that many of the online retail outlets are simply affiliates of the major outlets like Amazon. They have a large website or Amazon store that links each book back to their affiliate connection with Amazon who then fills the order. The author then gets less royalty.

So, in conclusion, as a publisher or self publisher you want to place your books on sale directly with as many retail sites as possible. You can do this with Nook (Barnes and Noble) for print and ebooks, Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon) for ebooks and Kobo through their publishing platform. Createspace is a Print on Demand print book platform. Each other site you choose to distribute to from there costs you royalties. Smashwords is an ebook only distributor although they do have their own store as well.

Is it really necessary to have your books in every single online retail outlet that exists? Most readers choose an ereading platform and buy books at that outlet. All the small resellers and obsure outlets will generally not get you many sales.

The biggest catch of all in this self publishing saga is that many publishing platforms are at this time restricted to U.S. Citizens or foreign individuals that have complied with the IRS by filing the proper out of country tax forms for identification. On top of that is that many of these publishing options will only make direct payment (EFT) to U.S. banks. Other payments are made by check and are only made when your royalties reach a specified amount (often $100). Then you are burdened with conversion fees and international deposit fees from your bank when you deposit. Add on top of that paying U.S. Taxes. They can be deducted from your royalties before payment and can be up to 30%.

This is by no means meant to discourage you in your quest to become a published author. You need to know the steps, the stumbles and the small print. You need to know the realities that authors on the whole do not get rich from a book. Most self publishers never recover the money spent getting published until years later if ever. This will not stop the dedicated. But hopefully it will help minimize every author’s chance of being swindled by some unscrupulous business or fast talking salesperson playing on your author ego. It will inform you so you know what to look for in a proposal and what questions you can ask. Authors wanting to be published find a way.


“Informing the uninformed is much easier than enlightening the ignorant.”

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