How WoolysWagon ePublishing Was Born

This is my inaugural blog post. Before I get into posts on the various topics of publishing I thought I should share a bit about me and my publishing company. Hi, I’m Robin. Professionally I’m an author, artist and owner of WoolysWagon ePublishing.

I run an independent publishing business. Born from my own desire to publish my work and the research into the process and options available, I realized the complexity of the process and overwhelming amount of information that needs to be processed. I also came face to face with the fine print and possible expense in some of those options. I was astounded at the amount of money being spent by authors to see their book ‘in print’. Of course I had heard of people paying to get copies of a book they’d written printed a long time ago but I hadn’t realized the changes in the industry until I began looking at my options. The sheer amount of information to digest is overwhelming. Terminology is only the beginning. The list of processes, variety of services, variance in cost, not to mention business aspects is simply enormous. I was not sure even where to begin. I persevered and learned and was able to transfer my skills to the industry. But my experience and research had a profound effect.

I read stories of dishonesty, of manipulation, of loss, of disappointment and of complete confusion from authors. It was these experiences faced by fellow authors that shaped my personal goal to make publishing affordable to every author. And that became the founding principle for WoolysWagon ePublishing. Not everyone has thousands of dollars to invest in their book. I know many people say that if an author believes in themselves they will find it. However, this is exactly the situation that keeps many good authors unpublished. I certainly wouldn’t take food from my family’s mouth to publish my book. So tout the author’s responsibility and the ‘business’ of it all but you will never convince me that life security should be risked to get your book published.

I decided to offer full service 50/50 royalty share publishing contracts. I work with authors to make their book the best it can be. They provide the product and I provide the services needed to get a quality book published. I designed the process to be an intimate shared experience and as simple and transparent as possible. We consider our relationship with our contracted authors to be a long term one. Writing isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It’s a calling, a desire, sometimes a need. It’s a business. It’s a joy and a source of pride. Authors aren’t ‘marks’ to target. They are talented and creative people to be respected.

The purpose of our blog is to share information and resources regarding the authoring and publishing process. It is not a forum for discussing bad experiences with other services or businesses. There are plenty of places for that.

In following blog posts I will address steps in the journey to become a published author. Everything I write comes from my experience and research. I will sometimes be controversial in my opinions but always true to myself and honest.

I hope you will continue on this journey with me.

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