Robin Petty’s Canguro Aventuras – El Paddock Largo y Negro in Amazon Promotion

Amazon is celebrating Spanish language books and our author, Robin Petty’s title, Canguro Aventuras – El Paddock Largo y Negro (Kangaroo Tales – The Long Black Paddock) has been selected to participate.

REDUCED eBook PRICE During October: $4.99   $1.29

Kangaroo Tales tells the story of Kevin, an adventurous kangaroo who goes off on an adventure with his mates. It brngs to light for further conversation the dangers for animals in Australia and elsewhere.

Celebrating curiosity and exploration, the book also emphasizes the importance of listening to those more experienced. 

The book is translated by Angela Risner and illustrated by Robin Petty and Charles W. Hurley, Jr. with watercolor scenes depicting charicatures of Australian animals. The real animals and information are presented at the end of the story.

We are proud to work in cooperation with Amazon to promote Spanish language books. We hope the reduced pricing will allow more communities around the world access to books.

Do you work in a bilingual, ESL program or school? Do you teach Spanish? This book is available in both English and Spanish so is great for practicing a second language even at the high school level.

Mark your calendar to buy this book in October! 

You can access the link from, search for Robin Petty on Amazon or search the book’s ASIN: B00GBQ9TW2


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