New Release – That Time between LIFE and DEATH – Volume One by Jackson Sullivan

That Time between LIFE and DEATH ebook CoverNOOK2

AVAILABLE FROM and all major online book and ebook outlets
List Price: $13.99/$5.99 ebook
5″ x 8″ (12.7 x 20.32 cm)
Black & White on Cream paper
228 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1533184368 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1533184364
BISAC: Fiction / Visionary & Metaphysical

What happens or could happen after you die?
Do you disappear?
Do you stay around for a time?
Can you do things, help others, change things?
Do you even know that you are no longer living?

These stories delve into the good, the bad, the possibilities. Jackson Sullivan takes you to the dark and lighter sides of that grey period, making you think, wonder and shudder at the possibilities.

Volume One (Contains Erotic Content):
Black Hollow
Circle of Eight
From out of the Fog
One Night Only


Visionary Fiction, as defined by the Visionary Fiction Alliance, are stories or novels that portray esoteric wisdom and experiences that awaken or catalyze transformation within the reader by way of character/plot. True visionary fiction is not preachy and does not focus on specific belief systems. It does focus on teachings and traditions concerning human consciousness and enlightenment. VF may incorporate fantastic elements (e.g., dreams, visions, the occult, psychic abilities) as plot devices.

A metaphysical novel or story makes the metaphysical/otherworldly element the focus of the story, rather than a just plot device. Metaphysical Fiction encompasses topics like energy healing, past lives, intuition. Metaphysical (“beyond the physical”) refers to events or experiences that we may be able to subjectively experience or sense but cannot objectively measure or explain. In the narrative, metaphysical phenomenon is part of ordinary human experience in ways that create conflict for the characters, propelling the story forward to find out how will the character deal with these events.

JACKSON SULLIVAN was born in the South and grew up avid reader of any book he could get his hands on and a willing listener of any tall-tail within hearing. At an early age he discovered horror movies and horror fiction; he freely admits that both affected him, the fiction to the greatest degree. For his affliction he credits (or blames as the mood to write moves him) two writers in particular: Stephen King and Robert McCammon and their stories It and Swan Song, respectively.

He has won some minor awards from regional writing competitions along the way for his short suspense and horror fiction; this is his first novel. He lives in the South not far from a house that has a tombstone in the front yard and along a stretch of highway that is as well known for its ghost stories and old legends, as it is among the many motorcycle enthusiasts who ride it each year.
Readers who wish to contact him may do so through Facebook:

and by email at
Collection of work:

For the Evil Returned – Novel
That Time between LIFE and DEATH Volume One – Short Story Collection
That Time between LIFE and DEATH Volume Two – Short Story Collection



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