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Dead Line
Jack Patterson

When veteran pro quarterback Noah Larson finally guides his team to the Super Bowl, his dreams—and life—are dashed when his six-year-old son is kidnapped for a unique ransom: lose the game or his son dies. . .

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Through October 21, 2016

Category: Thriller

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Diamonds and Cole

Micheal Maxwell

An absorbing mystery with over 600 five-star Amazon reviews: Cole is at the low point of his career. In the past, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist has worked for The New York Times, but now he’s back at The Chicago Sentinel. But the sudden return of a lost love into his life forces him to take the role of private investigator, and might just turn his life around.

FREE Previously $3.99

Through October 21, 2016

Category: Mystery

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J.Q. Anderson

Jake was once a water polo Olympic Gold Medal Winner. Now he is an escort. The lucky few women he selects as clients pay small fortunes for a weekend with Jake. But the moment he meets Natalia, a sudden attraction grips them both. But she’s engaged, and he’s a hooker. . .
FREE Previously $3.99

Through October 22, 2016

Category: New Adult

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Yoga Affect

Sandra Zuidema

Take an unprecedented look at yoga—and its numerous benefits for body, mind, and inspiring a purposeful life—with author Sandra Zuidema’s comprehensive new book, Yoga Affect. Beginning with its ancient origins, and following through to cutting-edge scientific research—Yoga Affect guides readers through profound discoveries, such as yoga’s role in healing chronic disease, addiction recovery, and pain management.

FREE Previously $14.99
Through October 31, 2016

Category: Advice, How-To

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