Looking for Reviews?

I came across this website and though I would share it.  I have no quantifying remarks as I have not even read it, to be honest. But I do know finding reviewers is every author’s nemesis so any possibility of finding them is worth a look.

These are online reviewers so that means you can send them an ebook file that you have used for publishing instead of sending them a book from the selling site itself or a paperback. Then you don’t have any cost involved should they not actually provide a review. You also aren’t giving them credit on Amazon by gifting them an ebook, when then, as  we all know, anyone can use to buy any book they choose, not just yours. Amazon should fix that, in mu humble opinion. But then they want reviews from people buying books, that brings in $$$.

Again I am not recommending this site or any of the reviewers on it.  Just sharing it. As I have always said, authors are responsible for their own due diligence in vetting providers. Unless they pay someone else to do it for them.


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Cheers, Robin


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