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WoolysWagon ePublishing is an independent publisher. We are not a vanity publisher and we do not offer publishing for a fee packages. We offer full publishing contracts at no cost to the author.

We do offer complete author services such as editing, book interior and cover design, ebook design and conversion, self-publishing assistance services (advice, book uploading) and consulting services during the writing process. You discuss your specific needs and we provide a quote. No up selling. No pressure. We listen, help you clarify what your need is and then provide a quote. No hidden costs.

How do we compare and differ from the big name publishers you likely think of when you think publishing?

  • We are smaller and we don’t have fancy offices.
  • We transact business mainly over the internet and via mail. (ePublishing…get it?)
  • We don’t pay advances at this time.
  • We consult with authors about their book throughout the publishing process.
  • We give 50% of the royalties we receive from sales of both print and ebooks to the author.
  • We co-promote all books through our various social media.
  • We help authors learn promotion techniques.
  • We have a great price on author purchases.
  • We publish through CreateSpace Services. We will consider publishing through Lightning Source.

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  1. I’m looking for an editor. And possibly a publisher. However, I’m not willing to settle on anything less than what I want in my book and on the cover of my book. I personally know somebody who has a book published with you guys and she stated that she had to settle for the cover of her book; I am not willing to do that. Are there ways around that? Or is this a “Your way or the high way” Kind of situation? Thank you.

    • Hi Irene,

      Thank you for contacting WoolysWagon ePublishing. The process always begins with a submission of your work to read. We work with our authors to achieve the best presentation of their work. Authors’ input is encouraged. It is sometimes the case that the initial cover idea brought by the author doesn’t work for the genre. Despite the comments relayed to you, we have never published without agreement from the author even though as publisher we do have the final say. It may not have been her original idea, and that can be a bit disappointing, but it was agreed to use that cover.

      This is much different than the big named publishers who never consult once the book is contracted. It is also different from obtaining self publishing services where you hire someone to edit, prepare your print layout, prepare your cover to your specifications, prepare the ebook file and cover and assist you to self publish your book. In this case you are publisher so even though we would make suggestions, the final say is yours.

      When our name goes onto the book as publisher we have a duty of care for our brand and reputation as well as how it affects our other authors’ works. We will not publish anything that does not meet our standards.

      When someone hires our services but we do not contract to publish, our name is not on the product. The transaction is confidential and of our highest quality, however final decisions are the author’s. Those books are not contracted to be published by us, are not posted on our website nor promoted by us as a business. I do sometimes share information about these books personally.

      I hope that makes clear the distinction between hiring publishing services and being offered a contract by us to publish your book. If you want total control you should self publish. We are happy to provide a detailed quote for the services you would need, (eg, editing, design and layouts as mentioned before) after receiving and reading your work in full. That is the only way we can quote in the actual work needed. We will not quote on books we feel are not ready to go to print. We are not in business to take advantage, only yo help at the lowest cost we can afford.

      Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

      Robin Wolstenholme

      WoolysWagon ePublishing

      • I have written a novel title, THE TICKET, 400 pages , detective fiction, about a lottery crime.The Toronto Public Library has an Asquith Publishing System.
        You just format your text, design a cover, and give them a flash drive.
        they print the book, and print the cover, and bind it.
        any quantity from 1 to many more. Cost about $10 per copy.
        I now have 10 copies of my book, 400 pages, bound and ready in print
        it is also a complete e file.
        can you publish THE TICKET.
        George patents@rogers.com

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